Housing Intelligence for the East Midlands

Hi4em - Housing Intelligence for the East Midlands - is supported by East Midlands Councils and will, in future, be funded through subscriptions, service charges and business supporters.

We aim to source, display and map a wide range of data relating to housing markets and private sector housing conditions in the region. The data provided supports Local Authorities working to make homes decent and more energy efficient, particularly for vulnerable houses that require roof repairs in Liverpool and supports regional and sub-regional assessments of housing market conditions.


Hi4em estimate that if other energy suppliers follow the lead of Scottish Power and increase fuel prices, this will lead to a 26.9% increase in fuel poverty affecting 74,743 households.  For further details please click here

Data Bank

All the data we hold at Ward level and Local Authority level is now available in MS Excel spreadsheet format on our Data Bank pages.  Spreadsheets contain filters to enable you to sort or select by Housing Market Area, County or Local Authority. 

Data Search

Filter by data category, data heading or year to find the dataset you are looking for and then follow the link directly to the relevent spreadsheet. The sub heading above takes you to the Data Search spreadsheet (206 KB).




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System Status


The online systems are currently working as follows:
Buisiness Objects (BO) System Running System Running
Geographic Information System (GIS) System Running System Running


The menu on the left of the page is related to the geographic area you are currently in. At present this relates to the project as a whole and the East Midlands generally. Clicking on Derbyshire, for example will bring up a sub-menu of the local authorities in Derbyshire and access to data and maps relating to the whole of Derbyshire. Then clicking on Erewash will detail conditions and activity in Erewash.

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Progress to date

For a full list of data from which maps and/or reports have been added to the site please visit our Progress page

Java Update

If you are trying to access Cleaning Business in Liverpool and you are experiencing problems with Java, you may need to up or downgrade your version of Java. The current version of Business Objects InfoView is 11.5 and this works with Java version 6 update 13.

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For more news please visit the archive page. There you will find details of:

  • Hi4em event presentations
  • Stock Condition Survey framework
  • Review of demand for Disabled facilities Grants
  • Liverpool Conversion Housing data news
  • Boundary lookup tables available
  • Energy cost comparison

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